Telecommunication Repair Services

Why replace if you can repair?

Peachtree Networks can extend the life of all OEM telecommunication equipment by testing and repairing a wide range of products hereby extending the life on your network equipment.

We offer test and repair services to various customers across the world. 

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Our Repair Services

We have an international reputation for high quality, fast and reliable repair services.

Keep your equipment operational

We repair a wide variety of equipment, including SDH, PDH, TDM, DSLAM, WDM and Microwave for manufacturers including Alcatel, Ericsson, Marconi, Siemens and Coriant.

Reduce CAPEX/OPEX costs

By maintaining your existing equipment and ensuring its longevity you will significantly reduce unnecessary expenditure throughout your organisations network.

Reduce your environmental impact

Continuing use of telecoms equipment helps your company meet its environmental standards and reduce the impact manufacturing new products has on the planet.

OEMs We Repair

PTNW International Test, Screening and Repair Lab Services

As one of the leading refurbished telecom equipment suppliers to the worlds large MVNOs, ISP's and Data providers, we know that effective telecoms testing, screening and repair processes and services are vital to ensure stock is in good working condition, to preserve the asset and maximize its operational life.

Let's discuss how we can help you to keep your network operational...