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Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization Services at PTNW

At Peachtree Networks (PTNW), we specialize in Inventory Optimization Services, ensuring that your decommissioned spares are managed efficiently and effectively. As experts in asset management, we provide comprehensive solutions to optimize your inventory, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Our Inventory Optimization Services encompass the complete management of your decommissioned spares. We collect, test, repair, clean, repackage, label, and return your assets to your warehouses. This meticulous process ensures that every item is thoroughly evaluated and managed to maximize its value and utility.

Recent Success Story

Peachtree Networks recently completed a country-wide Inventory Optimization project for a leading Mobile Operator in South America. We collected all allocated spares from various warehouses across the country and transported them to our advanced test facility. Our experts performed root cause analysis (RCA) testing and sorting to determine the condition of each unit.

Efficient Processing

Units deemed beyond economic repair were shipped to our scrap facility, while faulty units identified as repairable were sent to our repair facility. Here, each unit was meticulously cleaned, re-boxed, and labeled for neat storage in the Operator’s Spares Warehouse. This thorough process ensured that only valuable and functional units occupied storage space.

Cost Reduction

The Mobile Operator was previously incurring high costs for third-party warehouse space, storing units that were unusable. PTNW’s Inventory Optimization Services addressed this issue by removing redundant assets and optimizing the use of warehouse space. This resulted in significant cost savings and improved inventory management for the Operator.

Why Choose PTNW?

Partnering with PTNW for your Inventory Optimization needs means choosing a company with proven expertise in asset management. Our comprehensive services, from collection and testing to repair and repackaging, ensure that your inventory is optimized for maximum efficiency and value. We help you reduce costs, improve storage management, and ensure that your operational needs are met with precision.

Contact Peachtree Networks today to learn more about our Inventory Optimization Services and how we can help you manage your decommissioned spares effectively and efficiently.

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