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Connect with aConfidence: PTNW’s Comprehensive Cabling and Accessory Solutions

At PTNW, we specialize in providing top-quality connectivity solutions with a complete range of cables and accessories suited for all OEMs. Whether you are looking for high-performance transmission or robust network infrastructure, our products ensure reliability and excellence.

Active Optical Cables (AOC)

Perfect for data centers and high-demand networking environments, our AOCs offer superior speed and bandwidth with minimal latency, ensuring optimal performance for critical applications.

Direct Attach Cables (DAC)

Ideal for short-range connections and intra-rack communication, PTNW’s DACs provide a cost-effective solution for high-speed data transfer without the need for external

MUX/DEMUX Passive Solutions

Maximize your fiber efficiency with PTNW’s multiplexing/demultiplexing solutions, enabling
you to expand your bandwidth capacity
without the need for active

Fibre Patch Cables

Enhance your network’s clarity and reach with our premium fibre patch cables, designed for extensive network configurations and long-lasting

Fibre Breakout Cables

Streamline your connections with PTNW’s fibre breakout cables, offering a versatile solution for splitting core fibers into multiple connectors, simplifying your network infrastructure.

Media Converters

Transition seamlessly between media types with our robust media converters, bridging the gap between fiber optic cabling and metallic structures, ensuring compatibility across diverse networking env.

At PTNW, our extensive selection of cables and accessories supports all major OEMs, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your networking needs. Trust PTNW to keep your connections secure, your data fast, and your operations seamless.

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