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Spare Parts Management
Our Spare Parts Management Services at Peachtree Networks streamline the support process for networks, whether they involve a single OEM or encompass a variety of technologies and manufacturers. We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions by combining PTNW’s expertise with third-party capabilities, where we take the lead contracting role to offer comprehensive support tailored to meet all technological, skill-based, and geographic requirements.

To enhance these services, we can supply a 90-day buffer stock of critical components, ensuring that you have the necessary parts on hand to prevent operational disruptions. Additionally, supporting networks with single, dual, or multi-vendor setups, Peachtree Networks maintains a substantial inventory of parts that are ready to ship immediately, further enhancing our service efficiency. We also manage logistics, along with repair and return processes, for a seamless operation.

We offer the option to establish a local repair lab or to utilize one of our existing Repair Hubs, which accelerates the repair cycle. This setup guarantees that your equipment is not only expertly repaired but also rigorously tested, with a promise of return usually within 30 days from repair.

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