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Custom Optical Transceiver

Tailored Optical Transceivers for Your Network

As the telecommunications landscape evolves, the need for adaptable and cost-efficient solutions becomes paramount. PTNW specializes in delivering custom optical transceivers that cater to the unique demands of your network. Our high-tech telecom testing lab is equipped to mirror your specific network setup, ensuring our bespoke transceivers are perfectly aligned with your operational needs.

Key Advantages of Our Transceivers

Seamless Interoperability

Our optical transceivers ensure compatibility between legacy and modern systems, simplifying your transceiver matrix and reducing stockholding costs.

Just-in-Time Coding

With PTNW’s code-on-demand service, we hold base modules centrally and code them for your devices as needed. This approach ensures immediate testing and dispatch, optimizing your supply chain.

BiDi Optical Transceivers

Increase the efficiency of your existing fiber network with BiDi transceivers. By using different wavelengths for upstream and downstream data on a single fiber, you can double your network capacity and save costs.

Benefits You Gain

  • Cost Reduction: Custom solutions designed to minimize expenses.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Smooth operation across different network generations.
  • Increased Capacity: Make the most of your current infrastructure for higher data throughput.

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