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E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling Services at PTNW

At Peachtree Networks (PTNW), we offer specialized E-Waste Recycling Services designed to meet the needs of mobile operators worldwide. Our advanced facility ensures that obsolete and decommissioned network assets are processed with precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive Recycling Solutions

We handle a wide range of e-waste from mobile operators across the globe. Each item is meticulously dismantled by hand, allowing us to sort and segregate various commodities with care. This process ensures maximum recovery value as our team of experts identifies and extracts valuable components, preparing them for reuse or recycling.

Value for Redundant Assets

At PTNW, we understand the importance of extracting value from redundant and decommissioned network assets. Our facility is designed to maximize the return on your outdated equipment. Through our thorough dismantling and sorting process, we ensure that you receive the best possible return on your investments. By choosing PTNW, you can turn your obsolete assets into valuable resources.

Certified and Accredited

We prioritize compliance and precision in our recycling processes. Our facility boasts three ISO certifications, demonstrating our commitment to quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety. Additionally, we provide a complete certificate of destruction for all processed e-waste, ensuring that your data and materials are handled securely and professionally.

Why Choose PTNW?

Partnering with PTNW for your e-waste recycling needs means choosing a company that values efficiency, security, and maximum value recovery. Our meticulous hand-dismantling process, combined with our commitment to providing the best return on your redundant assets and our industry-leading certifications, makes us the ideal choice for mobile operators seeking to manage their e-waste effectively.

Contact PTNW today to learn more about our E-Waste Recycling Services and how we can help you manage your network assets efficiently and securely.

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