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Data Center Decommissioning

End-to-End Data Center Decommissioning

PTNW has extensive experience managing sophisticated data center decommissioning projects worldwide.We collaborate with leading cloud companies to handle the decommissioning of data center equipment securely, compliantly, and sustainably.

Our process starts onsite with our experts overseeing physical decommissioning, inventory, reconciliation, data destruction, and packaging for shipment.

Then, we process your assets at our advanced data center recycling facilities, ensuring top-notch security, compliance, and environmental responsibility.

Seamless On-Site Services

Our on-site services streamline the decommissioning of your data center equipment. Skilled technicians dismantle and prepare all equipment, including servers and hard drives, for transport to our staging area. PTNW experts complete a thorough inventory of every IT asset, detailing make, model, and serial number to resolve discrepancies.

We provide data wiping services that surpass NIST 800-88 standards or physically destroy data center storage media to protect sensitive data. Our process also includes removing unused cables for sustainable processing at our global recycling facilities.

Secure Asset Processing

We maximize the value of your data center assets through a detailed testing process that assesses functionality and residual value. Our decision tree algorithm helps determine whether selling components individually or collectively yields higher returns. With over 15 years of resale experience, we leverage valuable data to enhance asset value.

Our consignment model strategically sells your used equipment where and when prices are optimal. With our asset processing services, rest assured that you are receiving the greatest possible value from your assets.

Sustainable Data Centers

Sustainability is fundamental to our operations. We offer sustainable data center decommissioning by identifying assets for redeployment through our sales process and inventory management, maximizing value recovery. Non-reusable equipment is processed using our 3x ISO certified recycling methods, converting all materials into reusable commodities.

By reusing and recycling data center assets, we significantly cut carbon emissions by reducing the need for new manufacturing. Our commitment to sustainable practices helps minimize environmental impact and supports the Circular Economy.

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